Had labiaplasty 3 months ago...concerned about tiny area with thin piece of pointy skin? (photos)

I had a labiaplasty on February 23, 2016. I just had the one side done (left side in photos). I am pretty pleased with the results, except for this tiny area with a pointy, thin piece of skin. Because it is so thin, I am concerned it may easily tear or rip with activity or sex. Will this thin tip thicken up on its own? Should I be concerned about it ripping in the future? I had my follow-up with the surgeon at 6 weeks post-surgery, & he didn't have any concerns with how things were healing.

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Extra tissue

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It looks like you had a very conservative labiaplasty, meaning that very little tissue was removed. This small piece of skin can be further removed if you desire. If you trust your surgeon then request that it is taken care of. It certainly could tear in the future, but time will tell. Better for you to have the peace of mind. Talk to your doc if you trust him or her, otherwise find a second opinion from an expert labiaplasty surgeon.

Small revision

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It looks as though you will need a small surgical revision.  If you are happy with the look of your labias overall then I would have your original surgeon just revise that area.  this should be a quick and easy solution.

Best of luck 

Dogear after labiaplasty

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A surgical dogear is present. This requires a small surgical revision to remove it. Contact your surgeon and schedule a revision in a few months.

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Pointy tissue

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It appears you have a small extra piece of tissue still present on your labia that may indeed become a problem. I would suggest you see your surgeon to see if he can do a revision of this and excise the pointy tissue.

Post labiaplasty

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It likely will not tear and you seem satisfied, but if it bothers you after a few months of healing, it likely will not significantly change.  It may still soften a bit more, but if the shape and excess continue to bother you, it's a relatively easy fix in the office under local anesthesia.  Therefore, you should go back to your surgeon and discuss your goals.

Rodney E. Schmelzer, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Post labiaplasty x 3 months

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Dear WV2015

If the area concerns you you really should discuss it with your surgeon.   Most experienced cosmetic vaginal surgeons will give their patient a guarantee for symmetry or if the labia are not contoured well.  This means any followup surgery for labia which is still too long or asymmetrical should be corrected at no additional surgeons fee.

If you are not happy with it consult your treating physician.  If it doesn't bother you then let it go.  Any protruding area on  any part of the body runs an increased risk of pulling or getting caught between clothing or compressed during exercising, cycling etc... Only you know if it bothers you and whether you want to pursue further contouring.

Hope this helps

John R Miklos MD
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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