I am post op 6 months from a breast lift and augmentation. I'd like to know if my results are reasonable? (Photos)

1). I am not happy with the level of lift. I feel like there's still too much loose skin, and my fold still goes into my armpit. They sit low and lack upper pole volume which I really wanted. 2). One breast is a very different shape when I lift my arms, it lifts higher on my chest and flattens at the bottom. Standing straight on with arms relaxed, it also has more volume on top, but the nipple sits low. Is it reasonable to want a more dramatic level of lift? And modify the shape to be similar?

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Result 6 months Post-Op

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I think it is reasonable for you want to want more of a lift and better symmetry. The breasts are at different levels and you have more lower fullness and could benefit from additional upper breast fullness. There are techniques which can address the breast fold asymmetry you have.. If you have confidence in your current surgeon, discuss your concerns and goals with him/her. Most surgeons will not want to perform a revision surgery before the 1 year mark. 

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