I want to focus on a bodybuilding plan to build myself, but I have had a Lipoma under my rib cage for about 3~4 yrs. Suggestion?

Would it be wise to remove it in this case? I have done my research, and found out people can still live a full life even with one as long as it provides no discomfort like mine. I have spoken with my doctor and I was told to wait and observe it after I did an ultrasound. There was slight difficulties finding it during the exam. I suppose it was just too small? But I so not believe it has changed much, and it has not been giving me discomfort either.. I just turned 25 years old.

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Suggestions for a rib cage lipoma?

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Thank you for sharing your question and good luck on your bodybuilding plan.  Lipomas are benign tumors of fat and rarely cause any issues within the body outside of a possible cosmetic/appearance issue.  If your lipoma is small enough that it was difficult to find by ultrasound it can likely be left alone without significant sequelae.  Hope this helps.

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