I had a Breast reduction 3 weeks ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and i just noticed that the area on one side of the breast is completely different then the other side. It is this because i still have swelling on the one breast. With the one change and look like the other after the swelling is gone?

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Breast reduction

You are very early on in the healing process and it will take some time for the swelling to settle. You do have some issues with the stitches on the right which is not unusual but you need some advice from your PS during this healing process.

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Early healing issues after breast reduction

Thanks for your question.  You have some areas of slower or delayed healing of the right breast, but no obvious areas of breast skin infection.  These areas should heal with guided wound care as prescribed by your Plastic Surgeon.

Some asymmetry or areas of widened or unfavorable scarring might result after the wounds are healed, but that can be addressed once the healing is complete.  Its too soon to know what kind of asymmetries will result after complete healing.  Good luck.

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Breast reduction

It looks like you have some minor healing problems, talk to your surgeon about wound care.  Swelling takes several months to settle down, try not to worry too much about symmetry until then.  Good luck, Jane

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