What can I do to fix this result? Very unhappy. One year post reduction + lift.

The result on my right boob is, relatively, okay. My left boob, on the other hand: The surgeon took way too much tissue out. When I lie down, there is a hole for a large portion of it where my incision is from nipple down. The aerola is much smaller than in my right boob, as is the overall boob. I have lost quite a bit of pigmentation on this left boob, and almost all nipple and boob sensation. I don't want breast implants; don't want to operate further on right boob either :( What to do?

user requested removal of photos, PII, and location. 7/28/16 DD

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Fixing Breast Reduction

Thank you for your pictures.  I am sorry to hear about your disappointment.  In my opinion to achieve more balance you will have to have further reduction of the left breast.  Best wishes.

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