Columella cartilage graft projecting 5 weeks post rhinoplasty, will this edge soften?

The right side at the top of my columella and tip I have a very small bump, at first I though it was maybe a pimple but I asked my doctor and he said it could be my cartilage graft, he said it could need revision but may also improve over the next 11 months and to check with him again in a month on the progress of it.. I feel like it has improved in the last couple weeks. Is revision likely in this scenario? No one else has noticed it but me cause I can feel it. Is this common in rhinoplasty?

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Cartilage graft

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It is very common to have some irregularities that you can feel after rhinoplasty.  Many of them go away as swelling decreased and healing begins.  Some small spots may persist, but if they are only noticeable to you when you feel it, don't worry. As long as you are happy with the way it looks and you are able to breathe through the nose, you certainly don't need a revision.  Most surgeons just want you to be happy with your result, and offer a revision only if you want it.  I hope you continue to heal and love your new nose!Best of luckDr Rodman

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