Botox or Botox fillers? (Photo)

I have significant lines in my forehead. Not bad when not smiling or forcing but can feel lines when relaxed. Do you recommend starting w minimal Botox first. I do not want to risk brows dropping. Never has Botox or any injectsble fillers

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Try starting with Botox

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Based  upon your photos, you would benefit from a Botox treatment.  It appears that your wrinkles are due tot the movement of the muscles in your forehead.  Botox will relax these muscles and treat your wrinkles at the same time.  An experienced injector will be able to treat you without causing your brows to droop.  Good luck!

Botox or fillers

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Botox would help relax the lines on your forehead.  Fillers are typically not used on the forehead to avoid visible ridges.  A conservative approach should avoid any descent of your brows.  


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Thank you for your question.

At your consultation, an experienced injector should be able to provide you with options which would be best suited for your specific needs. Botox maybe a good place to start, if you are a good candidate.

Be sure to book your consultation with an experienced injector.

Take care.


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You look like you would be a great candidate for Botox! I would not do fillers on your forehead. Your browser in very good position and I doubt Botox will have much effect on these at all. You will really like the effects you see from the Botox!

Good luck!

Botox or fillers

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For dynamic (movement) line of the forehead, botox is definately the first stop.  In patients with some slight laxity of the upper lids, it is extremently important to see and expert injector who will know where and how much to inject to avoid a ptosis or droop.   Fillers can be an excellent solution to volume loss or to lift the tail of the brow; however, these will do very little to movement lines on the forehead.

Kyle Coleman, MD
New Orleans Dermatologic Surgeon
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I would recommend starting with a conservative dose of Botox first.

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I would recommend starting with a conservative dose of Botox first and seeing how you like the results. The forehead is an extremely tricky area to place fillers in, although it can be done by very skilled dermatologists when forehead furrows are particularly deep even at rest. It does not appear that your forehead lines are at this point yet, so Botox should work well. Visit a board-certified dermatologist for an in-person consultation to discuss your treatment options before deciding anything. Good luck!

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox Versus Fillers

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Botox is an injectable used to lessen the movement of specific muscle of the face in an effort to target wrinkles created by the contraction of facial muscle groups. The areas that are treated most often include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, and the crows feet (on the side of the eyes).

The dosing for Botox is variable and based on the desired effect, the amount of current animation, and the strength of the muscles. For new patients, however, the exact dosing is often discovered through a trial and error process. Some rough guidelines are:

Forehead: 16 units
Crowfeet (around eyes): 8 units per side
Glabella (between eyes): 18 units

In contrast, fillers are used to replace or add volume to the face in an effort to make the face look fuller and, thus, younger. It is also used to camouflage wrinkles or depressions. The most often treated areas are the nasolabial folds between the nose and the corners of the mouth, the cheeks, and the area around the eyes. See link below.

A detailed examination will help delineate your treatment options. Consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be the next best step.

Botox or Botox fillers?

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Thank you for your question. It does appear as though you have a heavy eyelid - in this case you want to ensure you use a small amount of Botox, so you do not increase the hooding. Speak with an experienced injector regarding your wants. After a few Botox treatments you may not require filler. 


Botox or Botox fillers?

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Light Botox Cosmetic® or Xeomin® injections with low doses should minimize forehead lines without causing changes in brow position if performed by an experienced board-certified aesthetic physician.    

Manjula Jegasothy, MD
Miami Dermatologist

Botox for forehead wrinkles - Williamsville, NY

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Thank you for your question and pictures.

The pictures suggest that Botox will help relax the forehead muscles for a more youthful look.

Dr Karamanoukian

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