Is body lift necessary in my case to remove all of my excess skin and have a flat tummy? Do I need liposuction? (Photo)

I lost 70 pounds and I'm 32 years old and no kids. I have never had a flat tummy in my lifeet due to my weight issue, which is really hard. Does a tummy tuck is enough in my case to remove the skin on my tummy with the love handle?

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Body contouring after weight loss

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Dear sxq2221:

Congratulations on your weight loss! Although a physical exam is required to give you any meaningful advice, given your weight loss and your photos, I would likely suggest a circumferential body lift first. A common first line of attack for patients who have lost weight is a body lift procedure. Most plastic surgeons refer to a body lift as a circumferential body lift = belt lipectomy = lower body lift. This procedure is essentially 3 procedures in one: extended tummy tuck + waist/lateral thigh lift + buttock lift. Please visit with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has extensive experience in body contouring after weight loss to learn more about your options.
Best wishes,

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

Is body lift necessary in my case to remove all of my excess skin and have a flat tummy? Do I need liposuction?

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   Body lift will improve skin laxity in the tummy area, the sides and the back.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Beverly Hills, CA

Body Lift

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Congratulations on the weight loss!

A body lift surgery is designed to remove excess fat and sagging skin flaps, smoothing and tightening your upper arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks and improving your body image and self-confidence. Due to the extensive nature of this surgical procedure, it is imperative that body lift patients be in good health, at a stable weight and willing to follow all pre-operative instructions to prepare for body lift; a body lift surgery is often performed in multiple stages to ensure patient safety and the best possible outcome to the patient's cosmetic goals.

I recommend scheduling a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your cosmetic goals and how best to achieve them.

Best wishes!

Tummy tuck or lower body lift

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Hello and thank you for your question. Congratulations on your weight loss. You will do fine with a tummy tuck but will get an even better result with a lower body lift. You can make the decision after these options have been fully explained to you. The lower body lift certainly in my hands will improve the hip, buttock and thigh contours for you as well.
Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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"Body lift" isn't an exact surgery term

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You should be congratulated on your weight loss!! The terms used in post weight loss surgery aren't exact and mean different things to different surgeons. I would visit with a few plastic surgeons who are experts at this typre of surgery and ask them what will be needed to get the result YOU want and what the scars will be for that goal. 

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