Will I have a big gap between my breasts? (Photo)

I'm getting 420cc srx extra high profile allergan inspira full projection implants that are 11.75cm.my bwd is 12.5cm ,I'm 5" 5 and 115 lbs.I'm not wanting the fake look.should I ask to switch to high profile 385cc which is 12.25cm.I'm freaking out and so worried.new PS that I chose and surgery date of Oct 11th 2016.please help??? I tried on a 415cc I'm not sure what the profile was but the PS told the nurse I couldn't have it..I loved the full look of it and was bummed.

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Will I have a big gap between my breasts?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Both of your selected implants will fit within the dimensions of your chest and 35cc is not a large difference between the two, so I would make the decision on what is most important to you.  The extra high profile implant will provide you with greater projection from the body while the high profile will help to narrow the gap between your breast by maximizing your implant pocket and narrowing the distance between your breasts.  Based on your desire to avoid the fake look I would recommend the high profile. Best wishes

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