Do you believe I will benefit from a reduction? (Photo)

I have been nervous to post photos online. I am 5'2" and 124 lbs I am scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks and have a lot of friends very surprised I am doing it. Please see photos and let me know if you think I am a good candidate for a breast reduction based on my frame

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Do you believe I will benefit from a reduction?

I would want to ask you about the benefits you are seeking. You will be pleased if you are looking for smaller breasts and somewhat higher nipples, as long as you accept the resulting scars and the possibility of being unable to breastfeed. You will not be pleased if you are looking for more upper pole fullness. In my opinion this can only be achieved with an implant (or, in some practices, fat grafting). All the best.

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Do you believe I will benefit from a reduction?

Thank you for posting your photos and your question.  It is unclear to me what benefit you seek from your breast reduction surgery. Is it a size reduction, an uplift, and alleviation of neck and back symptoms or just aesthetically prettier breasts.  There is of course the obvious trade off of benefit for the surgical incisions which for many patients is worthwhile.

Your size is below average for the usual breast reduction patient but your ptosis or droopiness is noticeable.  In a face-to-face consultation with your plastic surgeon you should discuss what your goals are and determine whether reasonable expectations would lead you to feel that the surgery is of adequate potential benefit for you.  If you have doubts and uncertainties or are hesitant, seek a second opinion either with your own chosen plastic surgeon or another ABPS board-certified surgeon before proceeding.  The usual breast reduction is performed to reduce size but also to alleviate symptoms of neck shoulder and back pain and social embarrassment.  Are these bothersome to you?  I wish you the best in making your decision,

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Do you believe that I will benefit from a reduction?

Thank you for your question and photos. Like yourself, many patients are reluctant (appropriately so) to post their photos on-line. However, they do provide a great deal of information in attempting to give an informed answer to your concerns.

Much of what we do in plastic surgery involves making asymmetries more symmetrical, and in attempting to make things that are disproportional more proportional. In your case, you have a large breast volume relative to your very lean frame. You also appear to have some breast volume asymmetry. Both of these things can be corrected with a breast reduction procedure. Many patients undergo this procedure due to musculoskeletal pain symptoms caused by excessive breast weight. However, we also perform many breast reductions for cosmetic improvement.

Breast reduction is taught to plastic surgeons as an aesthetic procedure. It really is about obtaining a better breast shape which is appropriate for each individual patient's frame size. It sounds as though both you and your plastic surgeon have agreed that this is a good plan for you as well. I wish you all the best with your upcoming procedure.

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Do you believe I will benefit from a reduction?

I can certainly understand your anxiety in posting photos, but without them there is really no way for a surgeon who has not examined you to be able to answer your questions. It's true you are smaller in breast size than our average reduction patient, but that does not mean you shouldn't have the surgery. Over the years we have seen many patients of similar size have their reduction and lift and be thrilled with the results. Sports activities are easier, clothes fit better, social interactions are often more appropriate and general comfort in the neck and shoulders is improved. Don't overthink this. 

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Do you believe I will benefit from a breast reduction? Lots to consider...

Thank you for the question and pictures.  Only you, not your family, friends or online consultants, will know whether  a breast  lift or reduction is the right way to proceed.  Basically, you will need to CAREFULLY weigh your "concerns" regarding breast size, position, and/or "symptoms" (such as back, back, shoulder discomfort, interference with activities...) VERSUS  the potential downsides associated with breast lifting/reduction surgery.  For example, you will need to carefully consider the trade-offs,  including scarring,  as you make your decisions.  Timing, in relation to your overall life circumstances, may also be a consideration.

You will find a lot of information, on this website (and on the attached link), regarding the pros/cons associated with breast lifting/reduction surgery.

 Best wishes with your decision-making and for an outcome that you will be very pleased with, if you choose to proceed.

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