Based off my pictures do I appear to be a good candidate for a gum lift? (laser gum contouring)? (photo)

I have regularly visited my dentist twice a year my entire life. No Braces, I wear a night guard and believe my mouth is very healthy. Unfortunately I have always had as my dentist puts it "small teeth". People in my family tend to have 'gummy smiles' & it has always bothered me, I would like to take pride in the smile I have taken care of all these years. Dentists in my area providing laser charge for assessments so I would appreciate any & all advise before paying seversal doc's. Many thanks.

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Gummy Smile Correction

Thank you for your question regarding your gummy smile and for submitting photos. I think you should be consulted by a periodontist. Many times the fee can be reduced from the procedure itself. I see that you wear a night guard probably because you grind your teeth and the photos show the edges of your teeth are worn. I would suggest you continue to wear your guard as this protects the teeth from wearing down. I think you're a candidate for a few types of smile enhancement procedures, so please seek the advice from a periodontist that has experience particularly with gummy smile correction.

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Lower Lips to Avoid Gum Involvement

Many times, patients who are bothered by a gummy smile mistakenly believe they have excessive gum tissue or small teeth. While these factors are certainly responsible for a gummy smile in some patients, the position of the lips can also play a role. My patients often prefer a surgery to lower the upper lip, lessening the degree to which it retracts while smiling. Laser gum contouring is also a sound option, and it appears that your case is minor enough to make you an excellent candidate. I hoped this help answer your question!

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Gum lift

Maybe. Depends on the shape of your face.  For instance, if you make your teeth longer and your face is a square type, then it would not look natural. In that case jaw surgery is the best option.

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Laser gum lift

Thanks for posting so many photos. Looking at your pictures I'm not sure that you have the room to do this procedure. Your teeth don't appear to be small but the do seem worn on the biting edge. You may be a candidate for surgical crown lengthening if you are considering doing veneers. This would be the way to create a less gummy smile. I would suggest visiting with periodontist to discuss crown lengthening if you would like to make changes.

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