If I Am Already Quoted for Surgery on Correcting my Nose, How Much Will Adding Another Small Fix Be?

For example, I want my hump removed, septum straightened, tip rotated and refined. lets say thats 8,000. What if i also wish to do something with my hanging columella ( i am sure it is not my alar and solely my columella). Would this be another 2000 dollars? Or would it be less cause the surgeon is already in that area when fixing the septum and tip? thanks doctors.

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What surgery quote includes.

A hanging columella is included in the price of the rhinoplasty in our office.  We have one cost for a primary rhinoplasty, which includes the operating room, anesthesia, and the surgeon’s fee, which is roughly $7,000.  This includes hump removal, tip surgery, and any hanging columella or alar work.  Fixing a deviated septum is done out of medical necessity and is billed to the patient’s medical insurance.

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What exactly is included in a rhinoplasty quote

Typically all the areas that stand out to the surgeon and patient should be addressed during the consultation to ensure a shared vision moving forward into surgical planning.  Computer morphing is a great tool in this regard because it is a quick way to make sure your expectations are in line with your surgeons.  If the hanging columella is not a concern that was addressed in your consultation, it is possible the surgeon may quote you more for correcting it.  Each surgeon handles their pricing and quotes differently so it is up to him/her what effect it will have on the fee.  

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Rhinoplasty fees

Usually when a cosmetic rhinoplasty fee is quoted in my office it includes all the cosmetic maneuvers, obviously if extensive septal work is needed or cartilage harvesting away from the nose,or in secondary /tertiary, etc cases the fee may be a bit higher due to the complexity. But each individual office may operate a bit differently.

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If I Am Already Quoted for Surgery on Correcting my Nose, How Much Will Adding Another Small Fix Be?

The answer to your question really depends upon the surgeon who gave you the quote. I will usually not charge extra to make one additional cosmetic refinement of a person's nose as it is part of the procedure we've already discussed performing. However, I cannot guarantee that all surgeon's think this way. I suggest that you call the office and ask. Good luck! I hope this information is helpful.

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