Don't know what to think after LBL; need opinions as to if I'm going to need a revision eventually?

2 weeks out from LBL after losing 200lbs. I'm 5ft and about 105lbs. Issues: High incision- I can't hide it in the back under anything! It has my crying daily. Raised incision- is this a normal practice? Will it ever lay flat? My butt- or lack of. Had one now nothing left. Dr says most likely not a candidate for BBL and getting implants scare me. What can I do? Still getting thigh lift n breast implants but I don't know if I should be shopping for a new Dr. My self esteem has plummeted :(

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Lower body lift - crying daily!

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Thank you for asking about your lower body lift.
  • Your photos show a well placed incision and good healing.
  • Give your weight loss, you had a LOT done.
  • Recovery from major surgery can be emotionally stressful-
  • Please let your surgeon know and consider supportive counseling during this difficult time for you.
  • Healing is a process. Your incisions will flatten and fade.
  • It will take 6 months to see your final result.
  • But also it is important to be realistic - after losing 200 pounds, restorative body surgery is complex and cannot be achieved in one operation - and there will be limits to what can be done.
  • I suspect that changing surgeons is not indicated and will be very disruptive to you.
  • If in doubt, wait 6 months after surgery and get a second opinion before more surgery is done.
  • Above all, before doing anything get the supportive counseling you need to get through your healing.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Early body lift results

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You are very early in your recovery. What I see at this stage looks along the line of expected lines of recovery. It is very normal to have raised & lumpy suture/incision lines......these will definitely flatten. I also believe that the position of your suture lines is fine - low at the front & at the top of your buttocks at the back. 
After masiive weight loss & a body lift it is normal to also have a flattened butt, this is not an unexpected outcome. 
Trust your surgeon through this period & wait at least 3 months before making any decisions to go elsewhere. This is huge surgery & takes time to get through the healing process & adjust to the changes. 
All the best

Kim Taylor, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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