Is 397 Silicone Allergan Too Large for Me? (photo)

I am 5.6, 122 pds. My chest is about 13. I have a deflated C cup, and only want to fill the deflation to a D cup as before. Through my consults I was first presented with anatomical 410 textured. He told me this was around 350cc. I declined and said I did not want those ones for various reasons. He then said he would give me silicone at around 350. When I called back, I found out they are 397! I only want to go to a D...are these too big? Do implants look different sizes on different people?

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Implants will definitely look different on each individual

Implants will definitely look different on each individual.  I do not promise a patient a cup size because this is a ticket to disappointment.  It is best to look for a shape or contour that you like.  In our office we use the Vectra 3D imaging system.  This allows the patient to visualize their result prior to surgery.  In one year of use and over 100 breast augmentations I have had no patient complain of an implant size problem.

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Implant sizes

Different companies size their implants in different intervals and you need to select from among those sizes.  The sizes you mention sound appropriate for your build.  However, I really don't like so called anatomic implants.  They can rotate the wrong way creating rippling and asymmetry.  Stick with round implants, in my opinion.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Is a "deflated C-cup" equal to a B-cup?

If in fact you have deflated C-cup breasts that do not adequately fill a C-cup brassiere, then adding 397cc implants should be just about right. I suggest that it takes about 250cc to equal about one cup size (understanding that "cup size" is such a variable thing among bra manufacturers), so 397cc will add about 1 1/2 cup sizes to whatever breast volume you are starting with.

Based on your photos, I think this would be an excellent choice, and the 50cc "difference" helps to accommodate the complete enclosure and submuscular "flattening" effect on implants. Personal examination trumps all online advice, however!

Of course, the same implants will look significantly different in different women. Think about 400cc implants in a 4' 11" tall 93 pound woman who brings a bit of her own breast tissue to her augmentation. She will have a substantially bigger proportionate enlargement compared to a 6' 0" tall 150 pound woman with a flat chest and the same 400cc implants. Of course, these are extreme examples at the "ends" of the bell-shaped curve that represents all women of various sizes (with different natural breast volume to boot)--you fall somewhere in the middle.

But this is why sizing is so important. Try on implants in a bra and stretchy top, bring photos of your goals to your surgeon, and provide as much information as possible regarding your lifestyle, clothing choices, etc. ALL of these have impact on choosing the "right" size for your augmentation.

Also, remember the most common reason for re-operation is not bleeding, capsular contracture, malposition, etc. It is because women want to go bigger. But of course, pre-operatively, most of these very same women are concerned about being "too big," just like you. So choose carefully and have a good dialogue with your surgeon! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Which size?

Thanks for your question and your photos. I would say that both sizes mentioned are likely to achieve a solid augmentation. Based on your measurements and weight, the final cup is better determined after performing an examination with a qualified plastic surgeon. Perhaps using a volume sizing system will help you feel more comfortable deciding from your choices. Be sure you consult with several surgeons and choose the one that best matches your goals.  Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Implant size is hard to choose

Breast implant size is the hardest decision to make when having an enhancement procedure.  Based on your photo and desire, a 400 cc implant would look fine on you.  Try on sizers again, look at a lot of before and after pictures and have a frank discussion with your plastic surgeon.  If you don't feel comfortable with him(her) then get a second opinion.

Good Luck!

David Finkle, MD
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Is 397 Silicone Allergan Too Large for Me?

Last question first. Yes implants look different on different people. A women starting as a C cup will look larger than a woman starting with an A cup if they have the same size implants inserted. .

I am not sure I understand the rest of the question. The photo looks like a pre-op (certainly not what I would call a D cup), but is sounds like you might be saying the surgeon used a larger implant than he and you had discussed. If you have not yet had surgery, I am not sure I understand the question. All the implants have the size in cc imprinted on the implant, so you can easily look yourself at what you are being shown or are trying on. If you have not have surgery, try the implants on and see how they look to you. Cup sizes are not very helpful since there is no standardization. If you find a trial size that looks good, your surgeon can use that info in choosing an implant for surgery--often it will be a bit larger than the trial.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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