Can Varicose Veins Occur After Having Liposuction?

I had a combination of lipo and smart lipo done in March 2008 on love handles, outer and inner thighs. I had to go to a vascular doctor recently because over the last few months I have noticed varicose veins in both legs. On the left leg they extend from the calf, up the inner thigh into the groin. I did not have them before the procedure. I am 42 Yrs. old, do not work on my feet and I am not overweight (5'5"; 117lbs.)

Is it possible the surgery and healing could have brought them on?

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Varicose veins after liposuction

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Varicose veins don't grow that fast! It is unlikely, but nothing is impossible.

You mention having the lipo in the inner thighs - if you had liposuction then the varicose veins that were there before have become more apparent by virtue of the fat no longer being there underneath the skin.

So, the lipo did not cause this but made them more apparent clinically.

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