Can a TCA Peel Correct Badly-tanned Skin?

Will a TCA Peel restore badly-tanned fair skin? If yes, can it be done on both hands and face? What % would do it?

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TCA peel for pigmentation and uneven skin color

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A TCA peel is ideal for complexion problems and uneven pigmentation.  I perform the peels in varying concentrations to affect a change in skin complexion and health.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Yes in most cases but usually requires several peels

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It depends on what you mean by badly tanned skin. Chem peels will even out uneven discolorations of the skin from years of sun damaged but require several peels to do it. 10-15% TCA peel for the face and 20-30% TCA peel for the hands every 2-3 weeks for several treatments will usually help. If the discolorations are due to age spots or precancers then 35% TCA to the individual spots can be done at the same time as well and will also require 2-3 treatments.

If the color problem is truly depigmented white spots then it may be a sign of vitiligo or idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis which both require different treatments. When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask your dermatologist.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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