Some doctors say yes and a lot say no. Can silicone buttock injections be removed? Liposuctioned out?

Some doctors say yes and a lot say no. Once and for all, are silicone injections on the buttocks removable, if need be? Is it possible to have silicone butt injections liposuctioned out, or at the very least some of it? I had these injections 5 years ago.

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Silicone injections can be removed from the buttocks and body

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Although difficult to remove, silicone injections and the inflammatory fibrosis surrounding the silicone can be removed, partially or completely.  The cost of silicone removal depends on the severity of the problem. 

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Extremely difficult to remove silicone injected into the butt

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Silicone should NEVER be injected into your buttocks. Your body can cause a very severe reaction to the silicone and create excess scar tissue that may deform the appearance of your butt or breasts. We have seen many patients who have come to our clinic after having received these injections and its terrible because we cannot offer them any good options to fix this difficult problem.

Unfortunately, there is no minimally invasive or easy way to remove the silicone. The drops of silicone are dispersed throughout your tissue and the surgery may leave disfiguring scars as well.

Here in Florida, we have unfortunately had a number of patients who have died after they received silicone injections to the butt and this silicone then traveled to their lungs and kidneys.

Please work with a board certified plastic surgeon who can offer you safe options for your difficult situation.

Silicone butt injections

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Silicone injections into the buttocks are very difficult to remove. This is because the injections can disperse in multiple levels of tissue and remain as microdroplet form.  If the injections become firm or granulomatous, then they may require excision. It is extremely difficult to remove.

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