Can I Rid my Face of Spider Veins At-Home?

I am forty-seven years old. I have gotten spider veins around my nose, and red splotches on my face. Is there anyway to treat them without laser treatments? I'm looking for a home remedy.I don't want to cover them with make-up.

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Simple anwer, no.

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these little blood vessels can only be removed or reduced with laser treatments.

topical medicines will not help once they are present. you should visit an experienced laser physician for treatment with a 532 or 595nm laser.

Kelowna Physician

No effective medical treatment for spider veins

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Telangiectases (tiny red vessels) or spider veins (small blue vessels) require destruction by a physical modality, such as lasers (pulsed dye laser for telangiectasia, long pulsed Nd:YAG for blue vessels), sclerotherapy (if the vessels are large enough to inject), electrolysis, gentle electrodessication, or sometimes cryosurgery. There are currently no known effective medical treatments.

Philip S. H. Hughes, MD
San Antonio Dermatologist

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