Can I Preview Slim Lipo Results?

About 99% sure I'm going to get SlimLipo done to about 4 areas at once (Abs, flanks, thighs and buttocks). I am opting for general anesthesia because I am an extremely anxious person. However, I am nervous if the money will be well spent. I met with my plastic surgeon who is well-known for his excellent work, and he assurred me I'd be pleased. I was wondering, is it possible to know approximately how many inches I'll lose? Do doctors use a software for manipulating before and after photos to show me what I'll look like after this procedure?

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Software programs showing Liposuction results are misleading

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I do not use the saftware programs because they do not show a realistic result. It is better for you to ask to see actual patient photos of patients who the doctor has done himself or herself. It is ok to ask to speak to patients who have had Slimlipo by the surgeon.

Be sure your doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Preview Slimlipo Results?

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It's pretty difficult to show you on yourself the results from Slim Lipo( there are 3-D programs that can do this), however if you view the before and after photos of patients similar to yourself you can get a good idea. Another way of looking at the results is the "pinch test". If you pinch the area of fat prior to surgery and it is about 3 inches thick, you can expect it to be about an inch in thickness after all healing takes place (about 3-6 months).

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Remember, a computer is not the same as real life

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The best way to get an idea of what to expect is to look at some before and after pictures. Pay attention to patients who have a similar body build as you. Just remember, when a computer program is just to simulate your after picture, it is not the same as the real thing.While it is possible to give you an idea of what the results will look like, the computer has not idea of your underlying body structure, skin elasticity, fat content, etc.

Also, if you are having so many areas does at once and under general anesthesia, then I would suggest have traditional liposuction. It is be faster and you will have less time under anesthesia and lower hospital bill. However, if you require a significant about of skin tightening at the same time, then the Smartlipo is worth it. However, make sure it is the Smartlipo MPX, since this it the machine with the best skin tightening. I hope this is helpful.

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Computer simulation for my liposuction

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computer simulation can be useful but it does not look the way you will look in real life. I think it's useful to describe generally what you would look like but there's a lot of little things after liposuction that don't show in a computer simulation.

changes in skin contour and mild changes in skin texture are often present after liposuction. It's not bad to give you a general idea but don't be surprised that even experienced providers don't offer this. I do use it but more to try and give patients a realistic expectation.  I do my best to offer a conservative and realistic estimate so the patient knows what they're getting into. If we get even more improvement then that's great.

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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