Can LightSheer Be Used for Hair Removal on Breast Area?

when i was a kid (12 years old) i startyed to take off the hair so as i had no orientation i did it with blade, like shaving, but all over my body even the blondie ones. after some time all my hair grow up strong and and black. And now i have to shave everyday parts of my body like my breasts and belly. can i do the treatment in this case? is it dangerous?

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LightSheer Duet laser is great for hair on breast

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The LightSheer (Duet) Laser is the gold standard for laser hair removal.  It is just fine for removing hair on the breast.  The Duet has the high speed handpiece as well as the ET, traditional handpiece.  Either one can be used with good results.

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LightSheer for Laser Hair Removal is Safe on Breast Area

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With the proper settings, the LightSheer Diode Laser can be used safely and effectively on any area of the body.  


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Laser hair removal can be effective in treating hair anywhere.

In addition, with reference to the comment below regarding shaving causing hair to grow in a more robust fashion, there is no scientific evidence that any form of hair removal (laser, waxing, shaving, plucking) causes hair to grow more frequently, darker or faster.

I hope this helps.

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LightSheer for removing hair on the breast

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The LightSheer laser is a terrific laser, safe, fast and very effective. It can be used without problems on the breast, just make sure to have your treatments at a medical clinic to ensure the best results possible and to avoid problems. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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LightSheer use on Breast Area

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LightSheer can be used on any area of the body safely; having two different hand pieces gives it the precision to be used for unwanted hair anywhere.

LightSheer safe on breast area

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The Lightsheer can be effectively used on all body areas, as long as the hair is dark. Since the skin is darker around the areolas, the laser should be used with caution to prevent burning. It is possible that the pigment can turn darker, but is only temporarily and the color will return back to normal shortly after the treatment.

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