Can Invisalign Be Used with Dental Implants?

I plan to have all of my molars replaced with implants. I have slight crookedness in the front and would like to address that as well. Is it possible to use Invisalign with implanted teeth? If not, what are the alternatives? Thank you for your response!

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Invisalign can be used with dental implants

Once a treatment plan has been devised with final esthetic concerns addressed, implants can be placed in the spaces of the missing teeth. Once the implants have integrated (fused to bone), temporary crowns can be placed on them, then Invisalign can be used to move teeth and using the temporary crowns as anchors. This should only be done if the appropriate space is taken into account when placing the implants.

I hope this clarifies the relationship between orthodontics and dental implants.

Anca Bazile, DDS, MSD

New York Dentist

Have you considered porcelain veneers on the front teeth instead of Invisalign?

Often, patients never really look carefully at the crooked teeth they want to straighten. It is only after they are straight that they realize they need improvement.

Since you are replacing the posterior teeth with implants that will have beautiful new crowns on them why not change your whole look and treat yourself to a smile makeover. I suggest combining the two modalities for an outstanding new look.

You COULD but implants after ortho is best

Since the implants can't be moved after they are integrated, it wouild be best to place them after the teeth are moved to where desired.  Implants can be used as anchors to assist with ortho, but it can be complicated. 

If you have a choice, wait on the implants.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Yes. But you CAN'T move the implant

Invisalign can be used for implants, but no movement can take place for the implant. (i.e. once the implant is positioned in the remains in that space) You can't orthodontically move the implant.

Yes implants can be placed

Implants in the molar position can be placed after invisalign treatment or during treatment if necessary. Your dentist can treatment plan for the proper sequencing needs of your mouth. In general implants can be placed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. It should be noted however once implants have been placed they can not be moved with orthodontic treatment as natural teeth are moved.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

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