Can Invisalign Be Placed on the Back of Teeth Instead of Front?

Can the attachments for Invisalign be placed on the back of the tooth instead of the front?

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Invisalign on the back of the teeth

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Invisalign consists of a series of clear firm plastic "aligners" that fit completely over the front and back of the teeth. There are often buttons that are placed on critical teeth that need a specific force that can not be supplied by the aligners alone. Most of the time, there is not enough room to place these buttons on the back of the top teeth and still have enough room for the lower teeth to completely close.

As far as the placement of the button on the lower teeth, very often the surface area on the back of the lower teeth is not sufficient to accomodate the placement of the button. Because the buttons are nearly invisible, I have not yet found the placement of the buttons to be a concern to my patients.

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