Can I Get Invisalign when I Have the Overbite Problem?

I have an overbite problem and about 4 years ago, my dentist told me that I need a jaw surgery first before I could put on the braces. This time, I went to a different dentist and he said that I should have the invalign done first and see if any more actions needed to get my jaw fixed. It's too shaky because there is no sure answer. I want to make sure if it is worth to do so in my case. Thank you very much.

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Invisalign and jaw surgery

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See an orthodontic specialist about your overbite. Jaw surgery is rarely done without placing braces first to help stabalize the surgery. Those of us on the cutting edge of Invisalign treatment are using Invisalign to treat surgical cases. The Invisalign trays are used to move the teeth in preparation for the surgery in the same way that braces are, and jaw surgery is used to correct the overbite. This kind of treatment will not be done by many orthodontists but is possible.

Germantown Orthodontist

You should get Invisalign for mild to moderate overbite problems.

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You should get Invisalign for mild to moderate overbite problems. Severe cases are carefully reviewed for possible "back teeth bite" and skeletal problems

Victoria Olshansky, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist


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Many times we can use Invisalign to make cosmetic corrections without adressing jaw relation issues. It is important to know what your goals are. If you are having pathologic problems due to your bite ie. TMJ pain, excessive tooth wear or others these things will not be adressed without adressing your bite situation. If you are having no symptoms but simpy want to straighten your teeth then Invisalign may work fine.

Beware that almost always after Jaw Surgery, conventional braces are needed so if you do Invisalign and then have Jaw Surgery you may need another round of braces in which case youe Invisalign investment will be for nothing. If you are considering surgery I think you need to decide for sure yes or no prior to your decision on invisalign.

Steven M. Cohen, DDS
Livonia Dentist

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