Can Fraxel Make Your Skin More Sensitive?

Can Fraxel make your skin more sensitive? Will it make sensitive skin worse?

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Sensitive Skin After Fraxel

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Skin sensitivity after treatment with Fraxel tends to be limited and will vary by what kind of treatment you had. If Fraxel Re:Pair, you will have a reddened, sensitive face for up to two weeks. If Re:Store, you shouldn't look or feel chafed. However, you may want to be gentle with your skin, avoid heat, rubbing, and sun. Always protect your skin with a sun block and clothing. If you already have sensitive skin, please be sure to discuss this with your board-certified dermatologist so you can work out an after-treatment plan to minimize sensitivity and keep your skin in good condition.

A few patients might notice that their skin is more...

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A few patients might notice that their skin is more sensitive to towel rubbing, sunshine exposure, application of creams, and to extreme changes in temperature. This usually improves with time. If one has sensitive skin, meaning that breakouts occur with certain creams, then it is possible that an acne flare could develop in the healing phase after any resurfacing, although much less with Fraxel than the older more involved carbon dioxide laser.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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