Can Fillers Be Injected to Face Through the Mouth?

Can fillers be added to the cheeks and undereye areas by injecting through the mouth vs. on the face surface?

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Cosmetic injections can be definitely be done this way

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Fillers to the cheek, midface, and lower lid area can easily be performed through the mouth by an experienced injector. While I have done this for selected patients, I will say that a vast majority receive a block of the nerve, which supplies this area first which renders the entire region numb.

Following this, there is no discomfort associated with injections to this sensitive region and it is extremely well tolerated and does not leave any marks on the skin itself from the injection.

Of course, bruising can occur following any injection, especially at a very bruising prone area such as the lower eyelid regarless of where the needle is placed.. I will also add that injections through the mouth may need be accurate enough to correct certain superficial deformities around the eyelid region, and in general you want to be VERY careful before letting anyone inject this area around your eyelid.

Typically the tear trough, at the inner portion of your lower eyelid, is the most common area that is injected for this purpose.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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