Can Fillers Add Fullness to the Face AND Reduce the Appearance of Eye Bags?

11 months ago, I had fat injected to add fullness. The doctor insisted to also do it under my eyes to reduce hollowness. It's visibly lumpy underneath my eyes now! On one side, it's more of a mound with a lump at the outer end. Lately I've been massaging it to shift the fat away from the area. It decreased, but I still have eye bags. I'm thinking of getting fillers (Sculptra?) to add fullness to flat cheeks. But what about the bags? To my untrained eye, seems that adding fullness underneath the bags would make them less apparent. Thanks!!

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Restylane works well for tear troughs

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I think you are referring the the so-called "tear troughs", the depression that occurs at the very bottom of the lower eyelid.  Various fillers are frequently used to fill this area.  My personal preference is Restylane.

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