Can these veins really be fixed with laser? Is it safe? (Photo)

I have both red and blue veins under both eyes. What is the worse case scenario with this procedure? Is it possible to make the problem worse? Can the veins come back? Can my eyes become droopy or sunken in? Can it change the pigmentation of my skin? Can the laser leave scars? What is the down time? How many sessions would I need? Approx how much does a session cost? The one bigger, blue vein under my left eye sometimes feels like a varicose vein. It seems to pop out the slightest bit at times.

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Laser for veins under eyes

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The pictures are not in focus so it's difficult to give a definite answer.  I can say that I frequently treat under-eye veins with YAG laser.  I generally get excellent improvement and happy patients after this treatment.  In this area, it is important to take special precautions to protect the eye.  I usually will insert internal eye shields first, which only takes a few seconds.  This is an advanced treatment and it is important to see a laser expert.  Your questions should be addressed specifically to your treating Doctor.


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