Do I need More voluma/restylane and/or jaw line filler? (Photo)

Last week had resty undereyes& 1syringe of voluma in each cheek.I have a long narrow face.I think i might need more voluma but don't want to look overdone.Thinking that some filler to jaw areas next to my chin.Don't know if will just make my face look big.Have a recent chin scar &know it is a little crooked.Do I need more voluma/resty & if the jaw area is something i should have done.(Know my nose is asymmetrical but already had nasal surgery at 18 and scar revision at 36. not doing that again.
Updated: Additional photo added.

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Adding more Voluma to the chin and jaw is a subjective decision

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The one who really has the answer to your question is you!  That is, you know best if you need more volume in your cheeks or chin when you look at yourself, and if in your heart you feel that you do, then the addition of more Voluma to those areas is the reasonable thing to do.  Bear in mind a few things.  First, Voluma is indicated and approved by the FDA for only the cheeks and midface.  This doesn't mean that we can't inject it elsewhere, just know that this is considered "off-label use" (something we do on a routine basis, though), and that use is not recognized by the FDA.  Second, you don't have to use a full syringe of Voluma to each area.  You can distribute it around to different areas as needed.  In other words, you can artistically adjust the volumes of each area - a little here, a little there - as you need it.  Third, because Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler, if we wind up with too much volume in one area and look "done," we can tone it down by injection with hyaluronidase which dissolves the Voluma.  Having said those things, it is my impression as a plastic surgeon who performs facelifts and fat transfers to the face and looks very closely at volumes and contours of the face, that you could use a little more volume in your malar, or cheek, region.  I think on both frontal and side views you still have a slightly flattened cheek contour, especially just below the orbit, and you lack the typical youthful ogee curve of the cheek that we try to achieve in facial rejuvenation.  As for the chin, it appears as though you have a slightly prominent mentum, or chin projection point, compared to the body of the jawbone, and if you wanted a more even jawline contour, then more Voluma would be indicated along the jawline in the so-called "pre-jowl" region to blend the chin with the jawline.  In this setting, although Restylane would work for this, it is not nearly as effective for volume as Voluma, and it won't last as long, so I would leave the Restylane for the tear troughs under the eyes and stick to Voluma for bread and butter volume in the areas we have mentioned.  I hope this helps, good luck.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Filler for jawline area

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From your photo, I think your cheeks look good.  Having more Voluma at this point may give you that overdone look, especially since you do have a narrow face. 
The jawline area is a great area to have treated with filler and you look like a great candidate.  It won't necessarily make your face look bigger but will give your jawline a smoother contour.
I hope this helps- I would recommend that you go back to your injector for more advice.
Best of luck!

Erica Linnell, MD
Bellevue Dermatologist

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