Use Camellia Oil with Retin A?

i am 27 and have occasional acne like once a month especially during menstruation. i read about the amazing anti aging benefits of retin a and want to start right now but i am using camellia oil at night. can i use retin a with camellia oil and if so how to use both of them together?

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Oils on the face can cause acne

While Camellia oil should be perfectly safe for your skin, it is an oil and thus can clog pores causing acne.  I would stay from any oils on the face.  As for the retin-a, unless there is some other topical medication that is a pro-oxidant (like benzoyl peroxide) then it should be safe to use the retin-a, but I would recommend that you avoid the camellia oil on the face.  

Isn't it used for cooking?


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