Pregnancy after breast reduction.

I had a breast reduction in June. Went from a DD to C. Life couldn't be better but I'm now considering having another child. I wasn't able to breastfeed my son due to not having milk. How will pregnancy affect my breast?

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Pregnancy after breast reduction

The breasts will likely get larger with pregnancy. How they will be after they settle down is hard to predict.

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Breast reduction and pregnancy

Life "happens" to all of us, and women may gain weight or loose weight, become pregnant, nurse...   All of these events can have an affect on breast shape and aesthetics, but those changes are difficult to predict, and often dependent on genetic predisposition.  We see patients whose breasts are largely unchanged by having babies, and other women who are larger, smaller, or saggier.  Rest assured that if your breasts change in a way that is unfavorable, additional surgery could be considered to restore shape and size. The fact that you have had a reduction does not "burn that bridge."  Best of luck as you considering a larger family! 

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Pregnancy after Breast reduction.

Thanks for your question. As you know pregnancy can be a game changer for the breasts. In some cases making them remain larger and in some cases leading to deflation and droop. In any case a reduction could be repeated, or just a lift alone. If the breasts deflated implants could be placed. It would be nice if you needed nothing, but safest to think about these possibilities nonetheless.

Best wishes.

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Breast feeding after Breast Reduction

You may continue to have difficulty breast feeding. In addition, if you have a major weight change or breast size change and subsequent deflation after your baby, there's a chance of the breasts looking saggier.

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Pregnancy after breast reduction.

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately,  there is no way of knowing exactly woman's breasts will change over time and/or with pregnancy. Much of the changes that do occur will  depend on factors such as genetics, weight gain/loss, skin elasticity changes,  etc.  

Some of the changes in breasts seen after pregnancy are related to the changes in breast skin and glandular size/shape/positioning. However, maintaining a stable weight during pregnancy ( under the guidance of your OB/GYN)  may be helpful.

I hope this helps.

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