Why would my thyroid effect me having rhinoplasty done?

I have under active thyroid and have done all my life, I'm 25 and want rhinoplasty surgery but was told my thyroid would be a issue with my surgery ? I want to understand why ?

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Thyroid and rhinoplasty

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Dear Cherieeann,

This is a good question, without knowing your complete medical history it is difficult to say why. Are you on hormonal supplementation? If you have isolated chronic hypothyroidism that is controlled with hormonal supplementation I imagine you would still be a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty. However if you have hypothyrodism and this is uncontrolled, there may be a concern regarding your healing after surgery and if you are able to undergo general anesthesia. I would further consult with your rhinoplasty surgeon for more details. I would also get a full check up including lab work with your primary care physician to make sure these are acceptable for elective surgery.

All the best,
Gina Chu, MD

Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgeon
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