Problems with my lower eye blepharoplasty. I had a maxi face lift and a lower eye blepharoplasty four weeks ago. (photo)

I am worried too much skin has been taken off and my eyes are ectropion, they are circular and sad looking . I am going back to see my surgeon in two weeks. I tape, and also push up my lower eyelids several times a day. I would like advice from other surgeons as to what they feel the percentage of a complete recovery to normal is after looking at these photos and also any advice as to what to ask my surgeon in two weeks if my eyelids are still drooping .

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Cicatricial eyelid ectropion after lower blepharoplasty

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You are probably correct but need to give your eyelids 3 months to heal before re-evaluating and considering revision (ectropion) surgery. In the meantime, massage the eyelids upwards, do squinting exercises, and use lubricating eye drops. See link below.

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Taping and massage will not fix this.

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The likelihood that these eyelids will recover to a normal position without reconstructive surgery is zero.  I am sorry.  The injury to the lower eyelid is not simply the removal of too much skin.  It is also that transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty damages the motor nerve to the muscle that helps hold the lower eyelid against the eye.  To avoid this complication, surgeons often attempt to snug the lower eyelid at the time of the original surgery with a canthopexy which effective shortens the lower eyelid. Unfortunately this generally makes things worse rather than better.  These eyelid need to heal and reconstructive surgery is usually performed after 6 months of healing.  Occasionally repair is performed earlier for social reasons or when chronic corneal exposure can't be medically managed.  The repair is very specialized and you will need to travel for this care.  Study my free ebook cited below which has a lot of information about fixing this type of situation.

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