Bilateral superomedial t-scar breast reduction?

I have just received a copy of the letter my PS has sent to my Doctor and i am confused by what Bilateral Superomedial means. Will it result in very little chance of nipple sensation but a great shape ?? He refers to my breast as wide - never viewed them like that before. Apparently tissue is good.

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T scar vs no vertical scar breast reduction

Your surgeon is simply describing the manner in which circulation will feed your breasts after reduction. Circulation is important to keep your tissues alive and to ensure an uncomplicated healing process. It is of my opinion that aesthetics in breast reduction has been overlooked and downplayed for many years now. Women should be able to enjoy improved aesthetics with reductions and not simply accept the status quo. There is a more current method that improves cleavage, longevity of results, preserves nipple sensitivity and the ability to breast feed along with minimal scarring. I have attached a short video of what can now be achieved with current breast lifting/reduction technology. You are welcome to visit my gallery for more examples.

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Choice of reduction

There are several variations of breast reduction procedures. The outside scar may appear the same but the tissue left behind internally may be different.  The pedicle is the tissue that is attached to your nipple that keeps it innervated and with good blood supply. In your situation your PS is advising it be superomedial as this will give you the best result and outcome. 

I would advise speaking with your surgeon before your procedure and he can review his examination with you. 

Good luck with your procedure 

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Bilateral superiormedial t-scar reduction

Thank you for your question. The reference to a superiomedial t-scar is the circulation to the nipple will be from the superior medial side of the breast.  This is the best way to help keep the circulation and sensation to the nipple and breast. You will still have a "T" scar.  There is no guarantee that you will not have sensation problems after surgery and you may not be able to nurse.  Every patient is different and the shape of the breasts are rarely the same.  The goal of your surgery is to relieve the weight and size of the breast to allow you a better lifestyle. 

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