What should I do my gums are receding badly my gums are super thin and dark red and most of my tooth is showing. (photo)

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Receding gums

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You need to see a gum specialist. Most likely this will require some type of gum grafting procedure. If you let this continue untreated you may start to loose bone around your lower teeth causing them to loosen. 

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Receding Gums

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Hi, thank you for your question. Red gums are not healthy gums. When your gums get red, it is a sign of irritation to your gums. If your gums start to become swollen as well, that is also an additional sign of unhealthy gums. The portion of your tooth that should be shown is the crown, which has enamel. You should not see any exposed roots in your oral cavity. Roots should be underneath the gum tissue. If you do see red gums that are swollen and the roots of your teeth, I would suggest you seek a periodontist as these are signs and symptoms of problems to your gums. 

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