Is it possible to fully remove a black and grey half sleeve with picosure? (photos)

I have a black and grey half sleeve and am looking to remove it, I'm wondering first if it is possible and how many treatments it would take. Also how long do you wait in between treatments. I'd want it all lasered at once each treatment to make more of a difference

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Picosure for black sleeve

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Thanks for the question.  We have had tremendous success with the Picosure laser on tattoos just like yours.  It has been really amazing to see these tattoos vanish in half the time as the old q-switched lasers.  It's difficult to predict how many treatments you would need, but I would start with at least 3 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  With the newest version of the Picosure, we also have the option of "boost" which is a more aggressive setting if you tolerate the treatments without complications up to then.  The boost has added a whole new level of efficacy.  It is more expensive than older lasers, but in the end you should need fewer treatment which saves you both time and money.  Also keep an eye out for special promotions.  Best luck!

Complete tattoo removal with Picosure ?

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Always and complete are words that are not used in medicine.

Chances are that given the colors and the technology of the laser (picosecond pulses), near complete clearance for black ink tattoos is likely but not guaranteed. 

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