callus/bump on bridge removal with steroids causes nose tip to be pulled up?

hello   i had revision rhinoplasty a month ago for septoplasty and alar retraction. I had an open procedure. Although not much was done to my bridge than for a little cartilage to the centre being added (abt 1mm), the left top of my bridge developed a huge bump which the doctor thinks might be callus. Callus or any other bone formation/scar, if removed using steroid injections or rasping, will it lead to change in my nose tip or nose structure?   the reason i ask this question is because I know when there is a hump reduction on a nose, the nose slightly appears to look more upturned than when the nose had the bump.  since this bump iam reffering to may be callus that formed post-surgery, will it cause any bad impact to my existing nasal profile (raise the nostril margins or upturn the left nose tip or skew the nose in one direction etc.)   Thanks

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Rasping Small Callus Affecting Nasal Tip

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       Rasping down a small callus should have no effect on the nasal tip.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

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