Is The Bump On My Nose 6 Weeks Post-Op Callus or Bone?

I had rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. When my cast was removed at 7 days post ops, there was a mini hump where my original hump was. Today, it simply feels like bone. Could it have been callus from day 1 or does callus take a while to develop? I am trying to figure out if it was swelling or callus or bone? Does callus resolve with time or is that permanent and requires further operation? Thank you

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Is The Bump On My Nose 6 Weeks Post-Op Callus or Bone?

There's no way to know without examining and feeling your nose.  Best for you to ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon this question as he/she performed the Rhinoplasty.

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Concern about bump on nose 6 weeks post rhinoplasty

It is possible that what you are feeling is (residual) bone. A callus does not form so quickly. You should ask your surgeon to explain to you what you are feeling in this area. 

Related to this, if you can feel something but don't see any deformity more long term - there is no reason to surgically address this.

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Bump on Nose 6 Weeks Post Rhinopasty

At 6 weeks it is difficult to tell if the fullness is temporary swelling, callus, or residual excess bone. Callus was not present when the cast was removed - it will not form in less than one week. If the callus organizes or there is excess bone, this will require a minor revision in the future.

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