I've Seen Something Called PermaLips Online. What's the Good, Bad and the Ugly Regarding This?

This seems more cost effective than fillers over the long haul. Is there any negative aspects of the implants?

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Natural and Beautful

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Great question and you will be happy with the answer. They really are permanent lip implants. Over the past 5-6 years since performing the permalip implant, none have developed any contracture or firmness around the implant. The implants do not have a liquid silicone filling but are firm gel-like similar to the newer silicone breast implants. Placed properly they look very natural. I usually always place the large implants with great satisfaction by the patients. Additional fillers can be placed on top of the permalip if more contouring or enlargement is needed. 
The procedure is usually done on strictly local blocks and injections, so it is very similar to getting lip injection - atleast in my office - we do the "dental" blocks for everyone.
Unlike the injectable implants, if traumatized they can displace or possibly become infected.  They can be removed if the patient desires. Good luck.

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PermaLip Implants

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I've used Permalip Implants for several years now with excellent results. Consult with Plastic Surgeons who use them on a regular basis.

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