Weight Gain Prior to BBL?

I have noticed that several physicians recommend gaining weight prior so that ‘there is enough fat to transfer’. I have also read that one should be about the weight you wish to be after and that if the fat cells are smaller that more of them can be transfered. So is it really advantageous to gain weight, then return to a ‘normal’ weight after, or to present close to ‘normal’ weight for the surgery. Is it true that more cells can be moved/transfered into an area the smaller they are?

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Weight before surgery

It is always best to be at a stable and healthy weight for surgery.  I never recommend weight gain in preparation for surgery.  My goal is to make your waist look as narrow as possible through surgery, gaining weight is counterproductive.

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Should you gain weight prior to BBL?

I recommend against gaining weight prior to a BBL. The fat that you gain will not be stable fat and will likely disappear shortly after the procedure. It is best to be at your "normal" weight. Make sure to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure.

Matthew Schulman, MD
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As long as you are not below an average weight,  weight gain will not significantly add to your results.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Gaining Weight Prior to the Brazilian Buttlift?

    In general, patients should be at a stable weight prior to surgery.  Gaining weight will likely only lead to disappointment after surgery as most patients cannot maintain the weight and results.  There are a lot of women who can get nice results despite thinking that there is not enough fat.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Weight gain for BBL?

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will let you know if your truly qualified for the procedure, in some occasions when the patients want dramatic results and don't have enough fat for them to get  the results their looking for, the Doctor will ask them to gain some weight.
however, this is a suggestion only a Board Certified Plastic surgeon would be able to decide during an evaluation.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Require Enough Fat

Thank you for your question.  BBL's require enough fat to restore volume and lift drooping skin.  Not everyone is a candidate.   On average it takes a minimum of 400-500 ml of fat per side to have a noticeable effect.  To get this amount of fat the surgeon needs to suction 2-3 times that amount to harvest enough fat.  Some surgeons suggest weight gain if they feel like they may not have enough to accomplish the task.  Fat cell size and other issues are irrelevant to the procedure.   It is more important to discuss with your surgeon whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.  Best wishes.

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
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Weight gain prior to the BBL?

You should seek consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon wiht extensive experience with the BBL to see whether you have sufficient donor fat for the procedure. There are many donor sites that can used that may not be recognized by surgeons who do not perform the BBL often. If the surgeon deems that you have enough fat then there is no need to gain weight. And if you do not to gain weight then it's usually at least 15 pounds. Good luck!

George Lefkovits, MD
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In my opinion, you're correct that unnatural weight gain makes no sense

Hi there,


Thanks for the question.  I'm of your mindset completely.  If someone changes their lifestyle to something that is not natural or comfortable to them then they will almost always revert back to the old lifestyle in time.  Such is true with abnormal weight gain for fat grafting procedures.  Yes, the surgeon has a bit more to work with and on the operating room table it may make the surgeon feel more satisfied, but with a return to a regular diet, these enlarged fat cells will shrink down to their prior size, losing the added effect.


You asked whether there are more fat cells with higher weights, and in fact there are the same number of fat cells, but the cells themselves are storing more fat.


Best of luck as you make your way through these decisions.  Fortunately, you've obviously got a knack for thinking sensibly about these issues.


Best regards,


Dr. Mosser

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