I'm almost 6 weeks post TT w/BBL. I suddenly felt horrible localized pain, is this "zingers"?

I'm almost 6 weeks post TT w/BBL. I took my garment off for about 30 min then I suddenly began to experience sharp, piercing, tearing pains near my incision. The pain feels superficial. It intensifies with touch and movement. There's no redness, irritation, the area isn't warm to touch. Is appears to be nerve pain. Did I do something wrong or is this typical? What can I do to prevent it? What can I do to resolve it?

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Congrats on having such a great makeover, pain in the incision line is very normal. A lot of the time it is a shock like sensation from skin nerves regrowing and you need to wait for everything to re-connect before the sensations feel normal again

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