Im One Week Post Op and My Dog Hit Me in the Face. Could He Have Messed It Up?

Help! I am 9 days pos op and yesterday I was hanging out next to my dog and he spazzed out and head butted me right in the nose! =\ it hurt really bad but there was no bleeding a bump formed on the bridge.( I already had a little bump but now it's gotten a lot more noticeable. It hurt for the rest of the night and I was icing it. Now today the bump is still there and I'm hoping nothing messed up the healing process. I already contacted my doctor, no reply yet. Could I really have messed it up??

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Post Rhinoplasty Trauma to the Nose

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Dear Nicole,

I am glad that you contacted your surgeon and I would suggest an immediate follow up appointment with him/her. Trauma to the nose post rhinoplasty does happen and typically involves small children, flying toys, sleeping spouses, and our dearly beloved pets. Hopefully with the sound of the events listed above and that there was no bleeding, that no major damage occurred. However nine days post surgery your nose is very sensitive to trauma. With a full examination your surgeon will be able to tell you where you are in the recovery phase and if this incidence has caused any problems. Best regards and I know how you feel my wife was head butted by our bulldog by accident and actually broke a tooth so be careful with fido and protect your investment! Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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