What Are the Risk of Getting BA/BL/BBL Less Than 6 Months After Giving Birth?

Here's the deal: I am scheduled for a c-section June 13, 2013. I plan on having multiples procedures on December 5th, 2013. To be exact, I am 8 days away from being "6 months after birth" which was ok for sugeries. Is 8 days going to make a difference with the surgery.. I'm getting BBL and BA and possibly with BL. I have high tolerance for pain. Beauty is pain. I can sit there and get my whole foot tattooed for 8 hours straight ¬ give up, no numbing, whatsoever. Please give me some advice / opinions.

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Wait and reevaluate

While it can be safe to undergo these procedures that close to your section, be sure to confirm the credentials of your surgeon to make sure you will be happy afterward.  Your breast may take 6 months to "dry" up.  If you don't wait long enough, you may be less happy long term with the size.  Reevaluate the implant size you are considering weeks before surgery to make sure it is constant.  Also, your skin will contract after the baby is born and will be very different months out from the delivery.  Be prepared to make changes to your plan as needed closer to the surgery.

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Timing of breast surgery after pregnancy

An important point is that you should wait 6 months after breast feeding before you have surgery, not six months after delivery. The point of waiting 6 months (plus or minus a week!) is that a lot of women lose a lot of volume in that fourth and fifth month after stopping their breast feeding, so you don't want to underdo the surgery since you are counting on breast volume that may disappear. If you had a previous pregnancy, you often lose even more volume than you did the first time. In addition, you should be as close to possible to your long term weight, which often takes 6 months after delivery. So don't rush it and then get results you have to touch up later!

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Cosmetic Surgery after Pregnancy

Body contouring surgery is safely performed at least 6 months after pregnancy. Of course a week before or after this time frame is irrelevant. The important thing is that your body is back to pre-pregancy appearance, you are not breast feeding or lactating, and your weight is stable. Otherwise, your surgical results can change with ongoing weight fluctuations or body changes associated with pregnancy. Care of your new baby is of utmost importance, so you also need to be prepared for time off so that you can recover properly, which is difficult with a new baby at home unless you have a lot of help. Although you have many plans in place, things may change as you never know what the future may bring. 

What Are the Risks of Getting BA/BL/BBL Less Than 6 Months After Giving Birth?

        I think that whenever the C-section scar is healed (usually 3 months) and you have reached your goal weight, you can have those surgeries performed.  The key factor in this will be finding a surgeon who can perform all of these surgeries to their maximum potential.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs HUNDREDS of Brazilian buttlifts and mommy makeovers each year.  Look at the surgeon's website before and after photos to determine who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Timing on breast surgery?

Hello and thanks for your post. You should be sure that your breasts are dry before having surgery for a minimum of 3 months, but preferably 6 months. Other operations like tummy tuck are safe to perform 6 months after childbirth. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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What Are the Risk of Getting BA/BL/BBL Less Than 6 Months After Giving Birth?

My only issue would be with the breast surgery. You haven't commented about nursing, but a minimum three month delay after nursing is recommended to allow the breast to recovery, and to reach a stable size and shape. Some prefer longer than 3 months, and the timing is variable according to the breast status at the proposed surgery date. What you don't what is an incorrectly sized implant because your breast size was not stable. Nor do your want a lift that might not have been necessary had you waited for breast skin to settle. 

All the best. 

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