How do I get rid of bloating and swelling post-tummy tuck?

What makes the boating and swelling go away after 9mos of post opt from a tummy tuck? Non bloating foods are not being in taken!

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Prolonged swelling after abdominoplasty

The majority of surgical swelling should be resolved by 9 months. I have seen rare cases of it lasting longer than 9 months and in that event there is really nothing you can do but wait. I have seen swelling last up to 1 year after abdominoplasty. Patience is essential.
If you had a tendency for bloating or abdominal distention pre-surgery, that can occur after surgery even after having a tummy tuck. Following a healthy diet and avoiding any weight gain is important to maintain and improve results after abdominoplasty. Your weight should be the same if not lower than your pre-abdominoplasty weight for an accurate assessment of results. 

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Swelling after a tummy tuck

I usually recommend massage and a low salt diet after a tummy tuck.  You can also start exercise to help the swelling to resolve.

Postop Tummy Tuck

There shouldn't be any swelling 9 months after a tummy tuck.  You should see your plastic surgeon to make sure there is no fluid trapped under the skin flap (seroma) or weakness of the muscle repair done during surgery.

Eugene Kim, MD
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How do I get rid of bloating and swelling post-tummy tuck?

At 9 months out from surgery your surgery-related swelling should be resolved unless something is amiss.  Sometimes a chronic collection of fluid, called a seroma, under the skin can contribute to a bloated type appearance. You may have residual fat in the abdomen or depending on how your tummy tuck was performed some widening of the muscles contributing to what looks like bloating.  It is really impossible to say without examining you.  Your best bet is to return to your original surgeon for an exam and discussion as to your concerns. Good luck!

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