Is Sudden Swell Hell a Real Thing or and I Doing Something Wrong?

16 weeks post op tt,mr and lots of lipo.5'6"wt today is 204lbs,post op 196lbs.Dr said he removed at least 15lbs and my weight should have been around 180 two months post op,never happen.My best was,2 wks ago I was at 193lbs.I had a hematoma on my right lower abd within a week of my surgery that is still there. Dr said it was inside the tissue and could not be drained.I wk out and painfully swell after&eat clean,I understand that I may have ate a few bad dinners last week but can it cause 8lbs?

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Increased weight after surgery

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I am not sure I understand the flow here. Photos would help some. If you had a hematoma that was untreated, and if you are having recurring painful swelling after activity and eating, you should be seeing your surgeon for evaluation. This will not likely be solved over the internet. 

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