Revision Advice Please...339 Cc Silicone Moderate Round Smooth to Cohesive Gel Textured + Strattice 35,000.00 Total? (photo)

2008, 339cc smooth round moderate Silicone. Pocket revision 1 year reposition + internal sutures Total both $15,000 Weight gain 10-15 from medication Normal now 110-115 5'7 Noticed denting, shifting, misshaping both breasts Consult surgeon in Nashville with an impeccable reputation Advised remove implants, close pockets, slightly smaller, textured, round, cohesive gel, strattice both breasts, alternative placement Surgery 4 hour, with drains, the 18th of next month Total (excluding travel) $20,000

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Revisional breast implant surgery is costly

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Misconduct13: Your case is common in some of the revisional cases we regularly encounter.  Although silicone implants do not generally cause as much tissue expansion as saline implants, your weight gain and loss undoubtedly added to the recurrent skin stretch, which is manifest by "bottoming out" = expansion of the nipple to inframammary fold distance.  Your second pic seems to show "lateralization" = dislocation of the implants off the chest wall.  Your Tennessee consultant's recommendations of implant exchange (smooth for textured, standard to high profile) as well as Strattice to restore the normal anatomical borders sounds to be a good plan, given your prior failure with suture capsulorrhaphy.  The operative time and use of drains is also quite standard.  If you don't wish to travel East, consult Realself for local PS.  Good luck.

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Costs Associated with Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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If I understand your question correctly, it is regarding the costs associated with revisionary breast surgery. As you have likely found, costs will vary from one practice to another (there are no "standard" prices. Obviously, much will depend on the experience level of the plastic surgeon, the duration of the planned surgery, the exact procedure necessary, use of materials such as allograft etc. 

 Best wishes for a successful outcome with the planned procedure.

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