Pain during the cool sculpting process lasting for a long time ( with the large applicator on lower abdomen).What to do?a

When suction was applied on my abdomen, I was told pain usually lasts for about 5 mintutes and then gets better but I had bad pain for 30 minutes and then became tolerable but there was burning sensation deep inside that got worse at about 40 minutes. The doctor told me different people perceive sensations differently . Have you seen any patient with pain for a long time during the process. I am wondering does this mean there was not enough cooling in my lower abdomen to numb the pain?

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CoolSculpting and Pain

CoolSculpting only hurts for the first five minutes.  The cooling mechanism is designed so that the area being treated is "frozen" and there is no further pain for the remainder of the session.  I am concerned and would contact the physician that treated you for this procedure.  Please let me know what happens.

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Discomfort During, Not After CoolSculpting

I have never had a patient with the kind of discomfort you are describing.  Usually the chilling of the plates, and a position where you are not lying flat prevent discomfort during the procedure.  You could not have had less chilling because it is an all-or-none part of the process: the chilling begins when the operator presses a button on the applicator after the applicator is affixed, and is constantly monitored by the device and adjusted to the same predetermined set point continuously during the procedure.  This set point is, of necessity, a temperature near but above freezing for every patient.

I always screen all patients for any history of or potential for cold-induced disorders.  I am assuming your doctor did the same, so perhaps it was your position during the procedure and you may have been more comfortable if you were sitting in a more forward position.

If this does not seem likely, perhaps you would like to contact Zeltiq, or ask your doctor to do so, to ask this question.

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Pain during CoolSculpting treatment to abdomen

In most instances when a CoolSculpting procedure is done to the abdomen, there is some initial discomfort when the applicator is applied.  This is primarily due to the suction that is necessary to draw the tissue into the applicator.  After about 5-10 minutes, this discomfort normally improves as the cooling process produces some numbness.  The fact that you had some pain after this time should not affect your results.  The amount of cooling is carefully controlled and you should have been treated with the appropriate amount of cooling.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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