Can veneers still fix my lower teeth? (Photo)

I was just wondering if veneers can still fix/cover my crooked lower teeth? I don't want to get braces cause I only have around 5-6 crooked teeth and I don't think the rest of my teeth need improvements. Thanks in advance.

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Using Veneers to straighten crooked teeth

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To better answer your question, it is really necessary to see the way the upper and lower front teeth meet together.  We can often do veneers to help with these complex crowding cases.   It may not be perfect but will be an improvement.  Something to know, is these lower teeth will continue to shift slowly through the years and this can cause the uppers to follow suit.  Invisalign might also be an option to expand the upper and lower arches and straighten them.

Houston Dentist

Veneers to fix crooked teeth #DrSarahThompson

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I would need to pull two teeth, veneer a couple and bridge a couple more.  So the short answer is, yes, this could be done, but would require more than just veneers.  You are looking at about 6-8 porcelain units.  I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.

Lower crowding

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I would NOT recommend veneers for this. It would be very aggressive and you would likely end up losing teeth in the long run. Find someone that can do Invisalign with propel. You will be very happy!

Stacey Layman, DDS
Glendale Dentist

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Can veneers fix crooked lower teeth?

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Veneers could mask the crowding of your lower teeth, but they would still continue to crowd even more over the years.  Your  teeth would require significant preparation(filing down healthy tooth structure) to straighten with veneers.  This could lead to tooth sensitivity and gum problems.  For these reasons, I would not recommend veneers for you and I would not provide this treatment to any of my patients with similar crowding.  That being said, I would suggest and recommend you consider straightening both your upper and lower teeth with Invisalign.  Treatment time would probably  be 8-12 months, which could be reduced to about half that time with complimentary use of the Acceledent vibrating device during your course of Invisalign treatment.  Your result would be straight, healthier, more attractive looking teeth that would be easier for you to maintain and clean.  This treatment would also level the height of your gum tissue(the gum height of your lower teeth that are more inward/lingual currently is higher than the teeth that are more outward/labial).  This leveling happens automatically as your teeth straighen.   In summation, if you do not want traditional braces, my recommendation would be  Invisalign treatment or to do nothing.  If you opt to do nothing, I would strongly recommend that you have a retainer made and wear it every night to prevent further crowding of your teeth.

Crooked teeth

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The answer to your question is yes although there are orthodontic options such as inis align.  Many patients want immediate results without going through orthodontics. The disadvantage is that more tooth structure has to be removed.  If you do have veneers ensure a mock up is done first and an additive veneer technique is utilized if possible. This will allow a minimal removal of tooth structure Best of luck

Saj Jivraj, DDS
Oxnard Dentist

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