How can I get upper pole fullness? (Photo)

Had a full mastopexy and 225cc on left breast and 260cc on right mp saline implants 4 months ago. My PS is going to do another full lift in two weeks but says I have a long chest so probably won't get upper pole fullness with just the lift. I thought that's why I got the implants in the first place. HELP!!! What are my options? Bigger implants, internal bra, can he move my tissue up to give more upper fullness??? I've spent close to 13,000 now and I just want perky boobs with upper pole fullness.

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Upper pole fullness

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Thank you for your question. 

After an augmentation-mastopexy, often the tissues are thin, stretchy and despite repositioning, the implant can bottom out.  That's why you needed the lift in the first place.  Going with a bigger implant will be heavier - this may make it harder to get upper pole fullness as well as it could be likely to bottom out more.

The mastopexy technique is important - closing and resuspending the breast tissue with an "internal bra" and lifting the deeper tissue will allow more support and perkiness/upper pole fullness.  Additionally, implants under the muscle may help provide a little more fullness in the upper pole.

Lastly, the implant shape would help - a round implant would give more upper pole shape than an anatomic implant, and the gummy bear models may be more form stable and hold it's upper pole shape for you.

Good luck,

Christopher C. Chang, MD

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift with Implants

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Thank you for your question and pictures. It appears from your pictures that you would benefit from a revision of the lift, removal of excess skin, and possibly larger implants to give more superior fullness. Internal suspension with your own tissue (autobrasierre lift) or a mesh scaffolding may help as well. 

How can I get upper pole fullness?

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Thank you for your question.  I do think a revision lift we will help upper pole fullness but I think he will need larger breast implants to achieve more superior pole fullness.  Please discuss this carefully with her plastic surgeon and I suggest resizing your base with to choose an implant size.

Second Lift with Implants

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I understand your desire for fuller, more rounded breasts. This is one of the most common requests from women as they get older. Unfortunately, aging, having children, and breastfeeding all play a role in causing our tissues to become more lax - causing our breasts to become droopy or saggy.

From looking at your photos, one possibility that may help your situation would be larger implants. More volume could certainly fill out the upper pole. However, from the photos, it looks like your skin has some laxity to it - meaning it has some stretchiness. With a larger implant, more pressure may be placed on the breast lift incisions causing the tissue in your lower pole to thin and to move the whole construct of the breast lower. Essentially, it could develop a bottomed-out appearance (where there is a longer than normal distance from the inframammary fold to your nipple).

Another modality that may help your situation is an "internal bra." This is usually a sheet of ADM (acellular dermal matrix; i.e. cadaver or pig skin that has all of the cells removed from it).  The ADM is sutured into the bottom portion of the breast implant pocket to keep your implant in position. Your own tissue grows into it. This material reinforces the lower pole of the breast and helps support the implant. It helps prevent the implant from bottoming out.

As always, it is best to discuss your concerns and desires with your plastic surgeon.  Only he or she can give you the best advice because they are able to do a true physical exam.  Good luck!

Emese Kalnoki, MD
Rochester Physician
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Yes, a revision may be beneficial. You probably could use bigger implants and a lift revision.   Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Revision mastopexy

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I agree with your plan for a redo mastopexy to help improve your breast shape and implant position.  A more aggressive lift should help you achieve upper pole fullness. 


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repeat lift, HP implant and an internal bra/mesh to help hold the implant up and keep it up on the chest higher. 

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