Can a type of veneer help with one crooked tooth????

I was told I don't necessarily need braces that it would just be a cosmetic thing. But recently, about two years ago, I started to grind my teeth a bit. I have one crooked tooth on the right side- and the tooth next to it is a little crooked too. everything else in my mouth is straight. I think veneers would be perfect, is it possible?

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Veneer for crooked canine? DrSoftTouch

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While veneers are sometimes a great option to improve the appearance of one or more teeth rather than orthodontics, a veneer will not fix the issue with your tooth. You would be a great candidate for Invisalign to bring your canine into proper position. I would recommend seeing an experienced Invisalign provider for a consultation, and I'd recommend having your bite checked since you are grinding your teeth. I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

Veneer for a canine

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i do not recommend a veneer for a canine, there is too much buccal pressure in lateral movements, canine dis oclussion is one of the most complex things to get in a perfect bite, the best way to go is with braces, because the canine is in cross bite, and it takes time to place it on the perfect bite.but yes you have a solution

Veneer for one Crocked Tooth?

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Hi Nicole...I do not think a Veneer is going to solve your problems. You need that tooth brought out and straightened. You would benefit by Invisalign Express  or  Six Month Smiles. I know all of the rest of your teeth seem straight so you would only have to straightened the teeth that show when you smile.  There is less time involved and less expense. A general dentist can do this for you as long as they have expertise with both procedures.  Good luck and get this taken care of and your bite checked since you are grinding your teeth!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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In my opinion you have only one option and that is braces. To try to fix your tooth with a veneer would create a mess that you would have to deal with for the rest of your life.  Do the right thing and go talk to an orthodontist.  Good luck!

Thomas Roberts, DDS
Seattle Dentist

Crooked tooth

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Yes it is possible that a porcelain veneer can make a crooked tooth appear straight
it will depend on how the teeth bite together though.

Can a type of veneer help with one crooked tooth?

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From your photo, it appears that your tooth is in poor position in relation to your other teeth.  For a veneer to mask this condition, your tooth would have to be significantly filed down, possibly causing sensitivity. The best treatment for you would be to consider some type of teeth straightening, braces or invisalign.  Without straightening, your tooth will continue to shift over the years, even with a veneer placed. Straightening will also improve the condition of your gums and make cleaning around the crooked tooth  easier.  Sometimes the fastest or least expensive treatment does not solve problems for the long term, and you end up  having to spend more money later to correct the problems that were not corrected properly in the first place.

Dr. Gary Braunstein
Encinitas/Carlsbad Ca. 

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