What is the best teeth whitening procedure at office? Specifically for tea lovers

Hi..am planning to get my teeth whiting in a week.. i have an even by November 22 and i want to have really professional whiting results (more than few shades!) .. In general I have a good natural white teeth but i drink green tea everyday twice.. I brush my teeth every time after drinking to minimize stains.. what is the best whitening procedure that is safe for the teeth surface and effective , and how much is it. I heard of "Zoom" . Thank you Thank you !

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Best Teeth Whitening

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Current research suggests that the very best teeth whitening results are achieved with a combination of in-office "power bleaching" combined with at-home tray delivered bleach. This combination yields the best results. There is a product called KOR Whitening that is one of the very best on the market. Zoom uses lights to shine on teeth, all current research indicates that lights do nothing to improve whitening results and may, in fact, cause damage by heating up the teeth. 

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